Green Sapphire

May, 26, 2018No Comments »

While blue is the most traditional sapphire color, this remarkable gemstone can be found in a wide variety of fancy colors including several shades of green. In the past, green sapphire was often misleading traded as Oriental peridot, but this term is no longer used today. Sapphire is a gemstone quality variety of corundum, which means that it has superior hardness and durability, surpassed only by that of diamond. Green sapphire may actually be slightly tougher and denser than other sapphire colors owing to its higher concentration of iron. Sapphire can range in various shades of green from light lime-green to dark forest-green. In recent times, green sapphire has become increasingly popular even though it remains quite rare. Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is thought to produce the finest green sapphire, but most green sapphire on the market today is from Thailand or Australia.

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