How to Use My Astrology

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I am often asked questions about the kind of astrology I practise, both online and offline. I use the Natural House system (sometimes called Aries 0 Ascendant) which puts the angles into houses and always puts Aries on the cusp of the First House.

I stopped using Placidus many years ago, switched to Equal House and now prefer Natural House. I use orbs of no more than one degree and include all the asteroids of modern astrology which complete the Roman family tree which began with Mercury, Venus, Mars and the rest.


Whenever you use my astrology in talks, workshops, personal readings, answers to your questions, podcasts, Twitter comments, columns or my books, you must accept it is for guidance only.

I can’t be held responsible for your decisions, about your life – any more than any other astrologer. You make your choices. Neither I nor astrology can make them for you! This applies to all the horoscope advice and information which has come from me – and will come from me, in future.

I’ve had some questions lately which have concerned me, as some people seem to think that I can tell them how to run their lives, or make their decisions for them.  This is quite wrong.

Like most astrologers I know, I cannot accept responsibility for the decisions you make about your life based on any of my horoscope guidance. The practice of astrology is always for guidance or entertainment only. You choose to accept it or reject it. It’s your call. And it’s your life, to live as you choose.

Astrology shows the currents of time. It shows where you are most likely to end up, given your starting point and current progress.

That is what my prediction, information and advice is based on. You have free will at all times, can change your direction or alter course. That is why my astrology is just one tool for you to use, in the tool kit of life.  Let’s look at Princess Diana as an example.

Your Horoscope, Fate and Fortune

This is Princess Diana’s horoscope (below) using the Natural House system and all the asteroids of modern astrology. She saw at least three astrologers, one of whom I know today. She also saw two psychics of my acquaintance.

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